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Paul Horn - Nomad-selected Pieces 1976-1988Epuiséindisponible

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Auteur : Paul Horn 1930 (États-Unis)

Titre : Nomad-selected Pieces 1976-1988

Résumé : Paul Horn has spent his life roaming vast musical landscapes, gleaning a highly personal style from such seemingly disparate musical forms as jazz, classical, pop and countless ethnic traditions. His artistic search has taken him to the farthest reaches of the planet to record in architectural wonders like Egypt's Great Pyramid and the majestic cathedrals of Russia. As a voyager of inner space, he has also had the courage to leave the intellectual tenets of Western music behind to trace musical pathways through the heart and soul. A retrospective of some of his most significant musical discoveries is tastefully presented on Nomad/Selected Pieces 1976-1988. Compiled by Stephen Hill, host of a popular radio program, Music from the Hearts of Space, this collection features eighteen selections from eight previous releases, sensitively programmed to flow as if no time has elapsed between earl

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Genre musical : Ambiance - New Age
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)

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Tracklisting :

1 : Soul travel
2 : Earth song
3 : Transitions
4 : Voyager iii
5 : Song for trane
6 : Syrinx
7 : Air
8 : Magnificat (for four voices)
9 : Jesu dulcis memoria
10 : Rain forest
11 : Angel of sound
12 : Reflected moon
13 : Moon dance
14 : Under the pines
15 : Initiation- psalm ii
16 : Initation- psalm iv
17 : Fulfillment- psalm vii
18 : Initiation- psalm vii

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