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Walton Ornato - California SuiteEpuiséindisponible

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Auteur : Walton Ornato

Titre : California Suite

Résumé : Immanently refreshing, California Suite is a cosmopolitan union of jazz styles, linking the artists' Latin heritage with the suave sophistication of Western fusion and the immediacy of African rhythms. The ineffable joy of this fusion jazz recording is absolutely contagious. Full of captivating melodic lines, California Suite has the wonderful capacity to draw the listener in. Buoyed by marvelous rhythms, the recording smoothly traverses a world of styles. Characterized by a distinctive sound, Walton Ornato successfully navigates diverse influences. Versed in the ecstasy of samba and bossa nova, the elegance of European classical composition, the soulful sound of American expatriate jazz, the compelling immediacy of rock and underpinned by complex African pulses, Walton Ornato deftly blends jazz with a world beat. By crossing different musical styles, Walton Ornato intensifies and amplif

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Genre musical : Variété internationale - Rock et variétés internationales apparentées
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)

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Tracklisting :

1 : California suite
2 : Dolphin song
3 : Pan american
4 : Diggin'
5 : Spring waltz (short version)
6 : Spring waltz
7 : Showing off
8 : Baby bossa
9 : San diego
10 : Graceland
11 : Golden bridge
12 : California suite (soft version)
13 : California suite (soft version with ocean)

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