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Compilation - Earth's Answer

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Auteur : Compilation

Titre : Earth's Answer

Résumé : Earth's Answer represents the finest of contemporary instrumental music. The role of this recording is twofold. It offers a taste of the music from Celestial Harmonies releases, by some of its most celebrated artists. The recording also embodies a grander vision and broader purpose which takes it well beyond its value as an excellent sampler; Earth's Answer was created to rejoice in the spirit of the Earth and the unity of its inhabitants. Indeed, the various selections reflect influences from cultures around the world such as Chinese, Turkish, Tibetan, Indian and Native American. Specifically, these include works from Paul Horn's China, Brian Keane's soundtrack, Süleyman the Magnificent, Henry Wolff's Tibetan Bells II, Deuter's Land of Enchantment and Carlos Nakai's Sundance Season. This release provides the opportunity to revel in the wisdom and spirit of the music of the world.

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Genre musical : Musiques du monde - Musiques du monde
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)
Disponibilité : Habituellement expédié sous 22 à 24 jours.

Prix : 17,49 €

Tracklisting :

1 : Istanbul' dan goruntuler (scenes of istanbul); keane
2 : Silver air iii; deuter
3 : Chloe's day; mark
4 : Wind of dawn; deuter
5 : Land of enchantment; newton
6 : Ritual i; nakai
7 : Moon dance; horn
8 : Ki; friedman & samuels
9 : Mandala; hamel
10 : Book of sounds part 12; otte
11 : Enneagram; lytle
12 : Astral plane; wolff
13 : Bell; hykes
14 : Kyrie fragments; hykes & hill
15 : Aguirre; fricke

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