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Adrian Wagner - MerakEpuiséindisponible

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Auteur : Adrian Wagner

Titre : Merak

Résumé : Adrian Wagner's space fantasy is a unique hypnotic journey. The journey to the Core on Merak really cannot be put into words. You will need to experience this to find out why!! 'Mankind has expanded into the Galaxy. Study of the Galactic core has revealed some form of disturbance, and as a result of this disturbance, instability and anomalous occurrences have become common throughout our Galaxy, it continuously radiates energy in all known forms and frequencies. The Core emits across all the electromagnetic spectrum; listening to radio-frequency emanations on the Earth ships' instruments one could hear celestial music-that-was-not-music, lacking the structure and form of conventional ideas of what music should be, but still pleasing to the senses, full of intricate harmonics and modulations. It was decided that the only way to deal with the alien ships threatening the Core was to send a

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Genre musical : Variété internationale - Rock et variétés internationales apparentées
Date de sortie : 20/10/2006
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)

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