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Illustrations Sonores - Seals (les phoques)Epuiséindisponible

Illustrations Sonores, Seals (les phoques)
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Auteur : Illustrations Sonores

Titre : Seals (les phoques)

Support : CD
Genre musical : Illustrations sonores - Nature et animaux, paysages sonores
Année d'enregistrement : 2002
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)

actuellement epuise

Tracklisting :

1 : Seals call out across the ocean swell.
2 : Sea lions and sea elephants attend to their pups on a breeding island.
3 : Seals busy themselves on a pebble beach.
4 : Underwater splashes. the blowholes of nearing whales.
5 : Passing dolphin chirps. seals call in the background from their island.
6 : Sea Lions, Sea Elephants and a Few Walrus Mumble and Argue in a Crowde
7 : Seal Barks at the Beluga-, Sperm-, Killer- and Humpback Whales That Nav
8 : Whalesong
9 : Seals continue to claim their favourite portions of the beach.
10 : Bottlenose Dolphins and Killer Whales Communicate by Click Sounding Mes
11 : Large colony of seal-pups beg for food from their busy parents.
12 : Whales and Dolphins Are Diving Deep Down Underwater to Hunt Fish. The d
13 : Seal swims by quickly and leaps out onto a rocky isle.
14 : Seals Bark at the Whales That Have Come Near to Shore, Their Blowholes
15 : Whales call to each other in the surf.
16 : Minor territorial dispute breaks out between a few sea lions.
17 : Underwater; Waves Roll Overhead, Bubbles Foaming and Gurgling to the Su
18 : Back at the Surface, Seals Return With Food for Their Young. Leaping O
19 : Seals thrash about in the water catching fish.
20 : Driven by the Winds, Strong Surf Rolls up the Pebble Beach. The Pups Se

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