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Dave Stringer - Brink

Stringer, Dave, Brink
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Auteur : Dave Stringer

Titre : Brink

Résumé : The debut release from singer-songwriter Dave Stringer, Brink presents a colorful mosaic of sophisticated pop melodies and traditional Eastern music. This unique blend punctuates Stringer's supple voice and passionately engaging lyrics, in English and Sanskrit. Brink, the expansion of an EP by the same name which received widespread acclaim, includes four previously unreleased tracks and has been completely remastered. This release boasts an impressive supporting cast including Greg Ellis and Azam Ali from Vas, Hans Christian from Rasa with Lionel Cole and Donna de Lory adding vocal support. The tracks also feature Suzanne Teng on flute and piccolo, and showcase Stringer's faculty on a wide variety of exotic instruments. Brink integrates western and eastern song styles with seductive rhythms and deep introspection in an accessible hour-long journey. Dave is one of the top two touring art

Support : CD import
Genre musical : Variété internationale - Rock et variétés internationales apparentées
Date de sortie : 04/11/2002
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)
Disponibilité : Habituellement expédié sous 22 à 24 jours.

Prix : 16,20 €

Tracklisting :

1 : Checking the Arithmetic
2 : Sleep
3 : Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham
4 : The Satellite Sky
5 : I and me
6 : Corpse Waiting to Happen
7 : The Homing Instinct
8 : Ganashyòma
9 : River
10 : Jaya Vitthale
11 : Brink

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