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Irén Lovász - Rosebuds in a Stoneyard

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Auteur : Irén Lovász

Titre : Rosebuds in a Stoneyard

Résumé : Irén Lovász sings old Hungarian folksongs, which still belong to the oral tradition. Both the texts and the melodies have survived and changed in the vernacular for centuries, without being recorded. All we know is that the oldest diatonic and psalmodic lamenting styles date back to the ancient times, when the Hungarians still lived together with their Finno-Ugric relatives in Asia around 2,000 B.C. and in the region of the Volga river before 1,000 B.C. The songs come from different places of historical Hungary, representing the five main ethnographical dialects of the Hungarians.: The mystical charisma of this music can be felt, even without any exact knowledge about the historical background. It guides us into an archaic world that would otherwise remain closed to the greater part of our rational mind and our ability to experience things rationally. Irén Lovász grew up in the middle of

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Genre musical : Musiques du monde - Musiques du monde
Date de sortie : 25/03/1996
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)
Disponibilité : Habituellement expédié sous 22 à 24 jours.

Prix : 16,20 €

Tracklisting :

1 : On the Water's Stony Bank
2 : Till I Live,i'll Chant Tales
3 : Fair Ilona Marton
4 : On a Rainbow's Snow-mount
5 : With Thee,my Flower
6 : Little Lass
7 : Hey,peacock
8 : Tuberoses
9 : Two Fair Lovers
10 : The Dawn is Cracking
11 : Alight,little Birdie
12 : Mull it Over,sweetheart
13 : The Trees Start Crying
14 : In Chains
15 : Ferryman
16 : Sun's Setting
17 : Harvest
18 : Tisza River
19 : My Rosebud Departed
20 : Cypress Shakes
21 : Yellow-foot Raven
22 : Wide is the Danube
23 : Colors of the Earth

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