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David Hudson - Art of the Didjeridu

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Auteur : David Hudson

Titre : Art of the Didjeridu

Résumé : With the unprecedented interest in Australian Aboriginal culture and art, the ancient Northern Australian wind instrument - the didjeridu - has experienced an astonishing popularity and ever growing interest in the West. Whether it's the sought-after sounds and rhythms akin to nature or the varied interest in Aboriginal culture, the didjeridu speaks with an unforgettable primordial voice to all who hear it. With the vast array of intricate rhythms and otherworldly tone colors, the elaborate improvisations that result strike a deeply buried chord in the mysteries of creation which seems to resonate at the core of humankind. Produced by longtime collaborator and producer Steve Roach, The Art of the Didjeridu is a collection of timeless pieces spanning a decade in David Hudson's professional career. It features deeply rooted and rich Aboriginal traditions as well as innovative contemporary

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Genre musical : Musiques du monde - Musiques du monde
Date de sortie : 26/10/1997
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)
Disponibilité : Habituellement expédié sous 22 à 24 jours.

Prix : 17,49 €

Tracklisting :

1 : Dreamroads
2 : Bali Doo
3 : Message Stick
4 : Aircave
5 : Undara's Lava Tube
6 : Songline
7 : Origin
8 : Free radicals, track 1
9 : Jowelbinna
10 : Frog Dreaming
11 : Roo
12 : Split Rock

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