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Compilation - Music of Indonesia: Maluku & North Maluku

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Auteur : Compilation

Titre : Music of Indonesia: Maluku & North Maluku
(coffret : 2 CD)

Résumé : Indonesia has the fourth largest population on earth, approaching 200 million. It is also the larget Muslim country although Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism are present as well, although in minorities. Celestial Harmonies has commenced a series of recordings which eventually will feature music from all of Indonesia's 26 provinces, as well as from the island of Timor, now divided into Timor and independent East Timor. The province of Malaku is extremely beautiful, consisting of the former Spice Islands and many thousands of atolls and other islands dotting the sea, which makes up most of its area. In the 15th century the Portuguese named it Maluco (where ma means 'who owns' and loko means 'world') and in the plural form, the Moluccas - a name that is maintained to this day. At their closest point, Indonesia is about as far away from Australia as Cuba is from the United States, but the

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Genre musical : Musiques du monde - Musiques du monde
Date de sortie : 17/02/1999
Format : Boitier cristal  (À titre indicatif, peut être modifié sans notification préalable)
Disponibilité : Habituellement expédié sous 22 à 24 jours.

Prix : 31,40 €

Tracklisting :

1 : Irama or Tari Fersokat
2 : Irama tiwa nam, or irama nam (drum rhythm of the blue sea)
3 : Lagu tana (land song)
4 : Wawaar
5 : Tananit
6 : Tananit
7 : Silabat Angkus Dance With Song Ansoli
8 : Angkosi Petitais
9 : Ngel-ngel
10 : Ngel-ngel
11 : Rice-stamping Dance from a Tnabar Fusak Fase
12 : Yel Lel Indonesia Mamiak
13 : Amelin
14 : Palole gesus (lullaby for jesus)
15 : A Bangsi (flute) Melody
16 : Lagu Tari Parita
17 : Tahlil
18 : Tahlil
19 : Katreji: Volka
20 : Gong-chime (totobuang) and Drum Music
21 : Kapata Mainaru
22 : Nusah indah (beautiful homeland)

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